Emergency Response

Mass Notifications System that works, beautifully

When time is imperative our mass notification technology enables our customers to send alert messages to their target audience within seconds. These messages can be pre-defined or customised. With our App, customers can mass notify people at the touch of a button. Furthermore, you know in real-time who has acknowledged the message.

Business Continuity

Companies today face a growing threat landscape. The frequency and severity of weather-related events seems to be increasing. The reliance on a complex network of technology and supply chains is expanding. Terrorism, personal attacks, and cyber-attack are forecasted to increase at an alarming rate. We can help you plan, prepare, and respond to the events that can threaten your business continuity.

Incident Plan Builder

Do you have contingency plans for the various incidents that your business could face?

The Incident Plan Builder helps organizations that don’t have contingency plans to begin their journey to resilience. Our Incident Plan Builder draws on best practice and takes you, step-by-step, through the process. You don’t need to be an expert to create plans for specific incident occurrences, we help you along the way with tips, some high-value content that you can use and experience obtained from customers around the world.

Automated Incident Management

The Automated Incident Management Module provides a number of valuable functions to help you respond to an incident, allocate tasks and track when tasks have been completed. This will facilitate a quicker return to business as usual, saving you time and money. It also provides valuable audit trail data for post-incident review and continual improvement.

Reports and Audit

The recording of each step in the incident management process supports any subsequent review and improvement programme. Crises Control provides auditable log-tracking, sent to a central server for post-crisis review and compliance reporting. This information also helps to assess the results of simulated crises, identifying the potential weak spots in the action plans and enabling a more fact-based approach to impact analysis.

Integration with other applications

It is easy to integrate Crises Control with other established applications such as Service Desk software, CRM and HR database, Security Monitoring systems and many more

Crises control is designed to receive “Triggers” from these systems and perform the actions that you have set up. For example, you can launch an incident from an IT alerting system, or you can update your users adding new starters and removing leavers when a trigger is received from the HR system.